St Bernard's 2024 Fee Schedule

Fees in Catholic schools are an essential component of the total funding of Catholic education.


1. Family & Child Fees: – Non-Government schools do not receive full funding from the State and Federal Government and there has always been an expectation that parents will pay fees to contribute to the cost of operating the school. The Family & Child Fees assist in meeting the operational running expenses of the school such as utilities, resources and specialist programs. 

2. Capital Levy:- This fee is crucial to the ongoing improvements at the school including the servicing of loans and new buildings. 

3. Camps, Excursions and Swimming Fee:- All camps and excursions are compulsory and vary at all year levels. The School Fees cover the full cost of all compulsory camps and excursions planned for the year level during the year. Swimming is compulsory for every year level. 

4. Technology Fee:- This fee covers the cost for each student’s access to St. Bernard’s Primary School Information Technology facilities. It covers all facilities and resources students require for their learning including intranet and internet access, e-learning facilities, printing and resources required to maintain hardware and software requirements. 

Family Fee: $1,360 per family

Capital Fee: $191 per family

Technology Fee: $450 per family

Diocesan Fee: $55 per family

Child Fee: $335 per student

Swimming Fee: $60 per student

Excursion Fee Foundation: $45 per student

Excursion Fee Grade 1 /2: $77 per student

Excursion Fee Grade 3 / 4: $80 per student

Excursion Fee Grade 5 / 6: $30 per student

Grade 5/6 Camp: $450 per student

Our preferred method of payment is via direct debit. Direct debits can be scheduled on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

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